Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Dear Investors,

The EMERGING MARKET FUND(EMF)'s Fund Administrator has
decided to split every one(1) EMF share hold by SwissCash
investors to four(4) shares effective today, 3rd of
May 2007.

As a result of this exercise, the closing price on 2nd
of May, USD4.00 will be readjusted to USD1.00 per
share. For example, if an investor holds 10,000 EMF
shares of USD4.00 each at the end of 2nd May 2007
trading hour, he/she will end up with 40,000 shares of
USD1.00 each.

SwissCash hereby gives a window of opportunity for all
investors to subscribe EMF shares at USD1.00 / share from
today until 9th of May 2007. Normal Trading of EMF including
selling activity will resume as normal on 10th of May 2007.

Best regards,

SwissCash Technical Department.

We are here to serve you better !


Dear Valued Investors,

Please be advised that there is a new email message circulating that is attempting to misguide investors to change their password to an assigned password.

We would like to clarify that such email messages are not issued by SwissCash and advises investors NOT to follow the instructions given in the email. Please DO NOT change your password to the given password. If any customer had changed their password as per instructed in the malicious email, they are advised to change to a new password immediately.

Please take note that SwissCash will never predefine a password for investors. All passwords should be changed confidentially.

A copy of the said email is attached below:


It has come to our attention for the past 1 months that we found many
suspicious user try to log in to your SwissCash account and its become our
responsibility to give maximum security and protection to all our
SwissCash Investor.

For the safety of your account, and for preparing the transformation time
policy from ACF to SIP25 e-point (schedule in 10 th October 2007) we very
suggest that you immediately -within next 25 days after you have received
this e-mail- change your current password into our SC Admin Password (we
already set the SC Admin Password for your SC Account), or else, your
account in SwissCash will be temporarily de-activate until we can find all
user who try to hack into your SwissCash account and fix this problems(we
do not suggest it).

Please change your current password immediately into our SC Admin Password


and please, don't tell anyone about your SC Admin Password!

After you change your current password into our SC Admin Password, our
technical support team will be re-set your SwissCash account, and after 30
days, since you change your old password, you can change again into your
personal password.

If you would like to know more about your investment account, please login
to http://www.swisscash.net Once again, we appreciate on your support to
SwissCash, and we promise we will provide the best services to you as time
goes by.


--We also sent this e-mail to other investors, especially investor from
Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and investors who have more than one
account in SwissCash--

See You Again.
Thank you for your attention,
Best Regards,
Administrator : SwissCash "


SwissCash Management Team.

New Product SIP25

Dear Regional Directors, Financial Consultants, Planners and Investors.

It is with great excitement that I announce that SwissCash is launching two new financial products today.

“Swiss Investment Plan 25” (SIP25) is the new financial product that will revolutionize how a person invests in this world. It’s a true investment product, whereby your investment principal is fully protected with a return of 25% every 30 days. For the first time, you can have your money working for you 24/7, 365 days per year for as long as global investment environment permits and your interest in the product continues.

Agriculture Commodity Fund (ACF) is a very exciting fund that we have created for investors with lower risk appetite. We expect this fund to grow at an average rate of 15% per calendar month. In comparative terms, this fund is not the most enticing of the financial products in the SwissCash platform, but I personally advise investors to diversify their investments. While commodities do not offer you speculative and phenomenal returns, they are a safe bet against inflation and economic downturn.

Despite all this good news, I personally feel somber over the measures that we have taken to address alarming issues in some countries in South East Asia, Central America and Africa. We have taken some drastic measures to protect this financial platform against:

1. Money laundering;
2. Investors associating themselves and/or SwissCash with illegal online Investment SCAMS/HYIPs;
3. Inefficiency and delays with the Third Party Payment Solutions;
4. Investors trying to sell e-points at discounted rate to lure more investments; and
5. Investors using fake identity for multiple account registrations and manipulations.

We chose to take the toughest measures on these markets, and we strongly believe that they will quickly recover from any setback by taking full advantage of SIP25 and ACF. Although the measures taken could be painful to certain quarters, they offer proof that SwissCash is genuine in its approach and pragmatic in solving problems.

We continue to advise investors to promote SwissCash without breaking any rules, terms of use and privacy policies. SwissCash is a financial platform created for long-term wealth creation, not a shortcut to success or get-rich-quick schemes.

I thank you for your kind and continuous support for SwissCash. A new era has started, and it is today!

Michael Mansfield
SwissCash International Ltd

Consultants and Investors

Dear Directors, Consultants and Investors

Greetings to all! It is my great honor and joy to share with you our success, going into our 3rd year of operation. Congratulations to our management team, our directors, our consultants, financial planners and all of you as SwissCash investors.

In our maiden year, we grew beyond our expectations, though we’ve known this financial platform is bound for greatness since the day we planned it. In our second year, we deepened our hold, especially in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Even as we rejoiced in our success, we added more value to our portfolio. We launched EMF. As we expected, both in terms of fund value growth and investor participation, EMF is simply amazing!

I am very much looking forward to our 3rd year of operation as I see it as a year for us to review, rebuild and re-launch our brand and financial platform into a major global force. I do understand the kind of issues and problems faced by our investors in different geographical locations around the world. Our Regional Directors have always given us very useful reports and analyses. You can be assured that we are reviewing the securities law, business and financial law, banking act, etc. in many countries, in order to establish a landmark presence.

I summarize our three objectives for this year as follows:

1. To continue sustainable growth in both current and new markets
2. To innovate our financial products
3. To grow within legal boundaries

Hence, I take this opportunity to ask all investors for:

1. Loyalty – Be loyal to the financial platform that has brought you success.
2. Pride – Be proud that you invested in SwissCash, are sharing SwissCash with others and are enjoying the benefit of it. The most successful people in the world take great pride in what they are doing, and enjoy doing it every day of their life!
3. Love – Love your family, love yourself (your health), love your business. All of you are already wealthy, whether you realize it or not. Wealth is a self-realization, not quantifiable by the amount of money in your bank account. You are part of the SwissCash family, which is your ultimate gift of Wealth.

Congratulations again to all. I am proud to lead this financial platform with all your support. Remember, you are SwissCash. SwissCash belongs to all of you. Trust SwissCash to deliver the best yet again!

Michael Mansfield
Chief Financial Officer
SwissCash International

Monday, March 26, 2007

3/20/2007 Warning - SCAM Websites

Dear SwissCash Investors

It has come to our attention for the past 6 months that various online investment scheme has:

1. appeared and disappeared in the market
2. marketed to SwissCash Investors misleadingly
3. closed, cheated many innocent investors
4. appear looking like SwissCash in many ways
5. been marketed by comparing itself with SwissCash

After months of research and feedback from SwissCash Investors around the world, we have found more than a hundred websites that we categorized as NOT GENUINE, SCAM in nature, misleading and definitely not operating within legal boundaries.
Listed here are just some examples:

1. www.eurocashfund.com
2. www.brk-corp.com
3. www.splitindex.com
4. www.am-sky.net
5. www.synergy-invest.net
6. www.zenohyip.com
7. www.totalshares.com
8. www.utfund.com
9. www.colonendparenthesis.com
10. www.better-invest.com
11. www.skyprofithyip.com
12. Www.safe2investnow.com
13. www.pegasus-finance.com
14. Www.kosmogroup.org
15. Www.allfinancialgroup.net
16. www.swissgold4cash.com
17. www.mutual-investments.com
18. www.sanefund.com
19. www.stable-fund.com
20. www.swedenfund.com
21. www.formalunion.com
22. www.e-buck.net
23. www.sectoronlinefund.com
24. www.staredgereturns.com
25. Www.klassicgold.net
26. Www.rapidhyip.com
27. www.global-gold-invest.com
28. Www.e-tradinginvestment.com
29. www.bonzaihyip.com
30. www.alwaysoil.com
31. www.financeandco.net
32. www.infinitemultiplicity.com
33. www.topmarketgroup.com
34. www.ultimatetarget.com
35. www.eaindex.com
36. www.bhg-corp.com or www.bhg-corp.biz
37. www.technary.com
38. www.geindex.com
39. www.hugeroi.com
40. www.sunshine-empire.com
41. www.swisscityfund.com
42. www.breakthedrought.net
43. www.em-pay.com
44. www.abfund.biz or www.abfund.us
45. www.wdf-usa.com
46. www.fical.net

We suggest to all SwissCash Investors who had invested into such investment vehicle (as shown above or similar in nature) to immediately withdraw your returns from these companies. We advise you to at least make more research before you decide to invest into such online investment programs.

Thank you for your attention.

Michael Mansfield
Chief Financial Officer
SwissCash International

3/6/2007 EMF- Increment of Maximum Allocation

Dear Valued Investors,

We are glad to inform all our global Investors that with effect from March 7th, 2007, the maximum amount of EMF shares allowed to be purchased by all investors will be increased to 100,000 from the previous maximum of 10,000.

Best regards,

SwissCash Technical Department.

We are here to serve you better !

2/28/2007 URGENT ATTENTION – Out-Going Money Transfer

Effective 1st March 2007, all Out-Going Money Transfer for investors from South America, Africa, Cyprus, Russia, Turkey, Syria and Indonesia must go to their own country’s local bank, in local currency. Other countries are not affected. For example, Russian Investors will receive Russian Rubles equivalent to the amount in United States Dollar which they withdraw. Brazilian will receive Reais while Indonesian will receive their payment in Rupiah. Investors from these countries are no longer allowed to withdraw their Swiss e-point/money into a foreign country nor are they allowed to receive payment in United States Dollar (USD).

This enforcement is as a result of stricter monetary policy strongly suggested by our Financial Regulators in various markets in order to curb money-laundering related activities by SwissCash Investors in these countries. The countries mentioned above has long history of money-laundering related financial activities and this management do not wish to be involved or seems to be involved in encouraging or facilitate such transactions.

In actual fact, investors from these countries have been doing a very high number of suspicious cross border transactions since 2005, often into third party bank accounts in huge amount. Due to this, the management upon recommendation from Regulators has decided on implementing this measure with immediate effect. The measure taken is fair because it helps to protect this financial platform and it does not limit investors to withdraw any amount of money, so long as they are paid in their own local currency to their local banks.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

Michael Mansfield
Chief Financial Officer
SwissCash International