Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Consultants and Investors

Dear Directors, Consultants and Investors

Greetings to all! It is my great honor and joy to share with you our success, going into our 3rd year of operation. Congratulations to our management team, our directors, our consultants, financial planners and all of you as SwissCash investors.

In our maiden year, we grew beyond our expectations, though we’ve known this financial platform is bound for greatness since the day we planned it. In our second year, we deepened our hold, especially in Asia, Latin America and Europe. Even as we rejoiced in our success, we added more value to our portfolio. We launched EMF. As we expected, both in terms of fund value growth and investor participation, EMF is simply amazing!

I am very much looking forward to our 3rd year of operation as I see it as a year for us to review, rebuild and re-launch our brand and financial platform into a major global force. I do understand the kind of issues and problems faced by our investors in different geographical locations around the world. Our Regional Directors have always given us very useful reports and analyses. You can be assured that we are reviewing the securities law, business and financial law, banking act, etc. in many countries, in order to establish a landmark presence.

I summarize our three objectives for this year as follows:

1. To continue sustainable growth in both current and new markets
2. To innovate our financial products
3. To grow within legal boundaries

Hence, I take this opportunity to ask all investors for:

1. Loyalty – Be loyal to the financial platform that has brought you success.
2. Pride – Be proud that you invested in SwissCash, are sharing SwissCash with others and are enjoying the benefit of it. The most successful people in the world take great pride in what they are doing, and enjoy doing it every day of their life!
3. Love – Love your family, love yourself (your health), love your business. All of you are already wealthy, whether you realize it or not. Wealth is a self-realization, not quantifiable by the amount of money in your bank account. You are part of the SwissCash family, which is your ultimate gift of Wealth.

Congratulations again to all. I am proud to lead this financial platform with all your support. Remember, you are SwissCash. SwissCash belongs to all of you. Trust SwissCash to deliver the best yet again!

Michael Mansfield
Chief Financial Officer
SwissCash International

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