Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Product SIP25

Dear Regional Directors, Financial Consultants, Planners and Investors.

It is with great excitement that I announce that SwissCash is launching two new financial products today.

“Swiss Investment Plan 25” (SIP25) is the new financial product that will revolutionize how a person invests in this world. It’s a true investment product, whereby your investment principal is fully protected with a return of 25% every 30 days. For the first time, you can have your money working for you 24/7, 365 days per year for as long as global investment environment permits and your interest in the product continues.

Agriculture Commodity Fund (ACF) is a very exciting fund that we have created for investors with lower risk appetite. We expect this fund to grow at an average rate of 15% per calendar month. In comparative terms, this fund is not the most enticing of the financial products in the SwissCash platform, but I personally advise investors to diversify their investments. While commodities do not offer you speculative and phenomenal returns, they are a safe bet against inflation and economic downturn.

Despite all this good news, I personally feel somber over the measures that we have taken to address alarming issues in some countries in South East Asia, Central America and Africa. We have taken some drastic measures to protect this financial platform against:

1. Money laundering;
2. Investors associating themselves and/or SwissCash with illegal online Investment SCAMS/HYIPs;
3. Inefficiency and delays with the Third Party Payment Solutions;
4. Investors trying to sell e-points at discounted rate to lure more investments; and
5. Investors using fake identity for multiple account registrations and manipulations.

We chose to take the toughest measures on these markets, and we strongly believe that they will quickly recover from any setback by taking full advantage of SIP25 and ACF. Although the measures taken could be painful to certain quarters, they offer proof that SwissCash is genuine in its approach and pragmatic in solving problems.

We continue to advise investors to promote SwissCash without breaking any rules, terms of use and privacy policies. SwissCash is a financial platform created for long-term wealth creation, not a shortcut to success or get-rich-quick schemes.

I thank you for your kind and continuous support for SwissCash. A new era has started, and it is today!

Michael Mansfield
SwissCash International Ltd

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