Monday, March 26, 2007

Alert: Fraud Website - 1/22/2007

Dear Valued Investors,

It has come to our attention there is a new email message circulating that are attempting to redirect users to a malicious web site that intends to steal investor’s information. The address of the said website is disguised as Take note of the additional ‘c’ in place of an ‘s’ in the said web address.

The email is disguised as an email from SwissCash’s Administrator. The email tells you about your trading account being randomly picked for a routine security check., and invites you to click on the link in the email to provide your personal information.

We would like to clarify that such email messages are not issued by SwissCash and advises investors NOT to login to any of the website links contained in the e-mail. Please DO NOT click on the link provided in the email. If any investor had clicked on the link in the e-mail, they are advised to change their password immediately.

Please bear in mind that SwissCash will not require investors to verify their personal information through an online form.

A copy of the said email is attached below:

“ Dear Member

Your account has been randomly flagged in our system as a part of our routine security measures. This is a must to ensure that only you have acces and use of your SwissCash account and to ensure a safe SwissCash experience.
We require all flagged accounts to verify their information on file with us.
To verify your information, click here and enter the details requested.
After you verify your information, your account shall be returned to good standing and you will continue to have full use of your account.

Once again, we appreciate your supports to SwissCash and we promise to provide the best services to you at all time.

See you again.
Thank you,

We are here always to serve you better.

Best regards,
The Administrator :: SwissCash

----- this is an auto generated email. please do not reply ---- “

SwissCash Management Team.

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